2021 tipping competition prize money

Greetings tipsters

I have checked behind all the cushions in The Lounge and raided the swear jar...which had a bit of coin in there after all the Queensland NRL teams disappointed me last season. Prizes for this season are as follows:

First place - $150 cash

Second place - $75 cash

Third place - $50 cash

I will come up with some tiebreaking rules at the end of this season if we need them (and we probably will). I will also cobble together the occasional random extra comp and prizes throughout the year (perhaps some sort of State of Origin comp and another Finals comp).

As always, the final decisions on prizes rests with me...but you all seem like a well behaved bunch so I'm not expecting any arguments. And as always, Wally and I can't win prizes.

Good luck to you all.


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Could you please check my tips for round 2. It appears I got 5/8 on entry page, but does not show added to total. Cheers RLB.

The Thinker's picture


You are correct. I have updated that now.

Thanks for letting me know.

The Thinker

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Thanks for being so prompt to my request. Keep up the good work.

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Very generous prizes for this years comp. Hope it hasn't eaten into Mrs Thinkers budget to feed you and the little thinkers.

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