The A Game - three strikes competition

Here is the page for the competition run by our buddy 'a'.

Hopefully he will drop in and remind us of the rules, but from memory you have to pick one team each round (to win) and it's a race to ten successful picks. If you get a game wrong that's a strike, and if you get three strikes you are out of the competition.

And another twist. If you have tipped a team and they've won a game you aren't able to tip that team again.

Results after round seventeen

Fifteen points and 2 strikes (teams in brackets after your name cannot be selected again)

  • NuL1F3 (Roosters, Panthers, Broncos, Eels, Titans, Cowboys, Sea Eagles, Dragons, Rabbitohs, Warriors, Tigers, Raiders, Storm, Knights, Sharks)

Three strikes and out of the competition

Baggy_Gee, Tigerholic, Steel Panther, The Tide Head, Buzz105, Manyana, Scotty Seahawk, a , Johnny Awesome, Dragons-fanboy, Islander, BigPeteBx, Taka, Catdog, Bubblesdog, Walby, Pabdul, Rocket Ryan, Carolineolivia, BradApple, The Butcher, Princess, The Butcher, ScottyH, Lilychino, MGM, Hardyards, Mary S

Congratulations to NuL1F3 - ten is bloody hard, so to get to fifteen is incredible. Well done sir.


a's picture

Congrats NuL1F3 on the win you absolutely deserve it

And also congrats for the runner up Mary s you also played great

Mary S's picture

Congratulations NuL1F3 & well played for a most deserved win- the Sharks came in for you this week.

Thanks, once again 'a' for the concept of this comp, and all the work you do behind the scenes, keeping track of where all the players are - you do a brilliant job!


NuL1F3's picture

Thank you a and Mary S! It's a shame you had nowhere else to go Mary, Bulldogs seemed to at least try for you. Thank you again a for this game, it's certainly a nice addition to the season and I enjoy trying to wrap my head around the strategy of it all.

Dragons-fanboy's picture

Congratulations to NuL1F3 and Mary on your achievements in this competition.


lillychino's picture

Congratulations NuLiF3 on your win and to Mary as well!
Amazing picking a winning team for so many weeks!

Hardyards's picture

Sweet effort NuLiF3, congrats mate and thanks ‘A’ for running this comp. cheers.

NuL1F3's picture

Thank you everyone :) Bring on 2022 when I try to defend my title haha

Steel Panther's picture

Well done to the last three standing...all Cowboys supporters I believe and a big congrats to NuL1F3 for running out the winner!!!

NuL1F3's picture

Thank you very much Steel!

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