End of season hangout

For those of you that wish to stay in touch between now and the start of next season...here is the place to do so.


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Greetings football fans

As you can see I have re-instated the hangout page for those who wish to stay in touch during the off-season.

I'll drop in from time to time - just to make sure you aren't all poking each others eyes out...but you all seem like a friendly bunch so I'm sure it will be fine.

All the best

The Thinker

And since I'm here...I believe the 16 NRL clubs will be advised today which team will be getting the 17th NRL licence.

So we should know pretty soon.....go the 'Phins'

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Yeah it’ll be pretty good to get a 17th club

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Redcliffe,,,Well grounded management,stable finances,good infrastructure,large fan base.I can't see it going any other way.

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And everyone loves dolphins :-)

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The Brisbane Flippers? lol.

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Central QLD should get it

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Another QLD team is a waste, same as a new NSW central coast. Game growth in real areas that aren't Melbourne or South Australia. I think Fiji or PNG would be real goers. But if anyone should get it, Redcliffe is the obvious location as it has the infrastructure.

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While o do think there should be another qld it should be Rockhampton Mackay or cairns god forbid why cairns didn’t get a game at all when they were in qld

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Will there be a World Club Challenge pre-season?

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Should have resuscitated the North Sydney Bears. The best location. Ground is pretty schmick! Their guernsey's don't clash either ;)

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Ipswich should get it as we are rugby league here (we call out rugby league in our sleep) with many legends produced and a very proud City when it comes to our sports people and the fastest growing area in Qld, but NRL have already decided long ago as they played a few NRL games at Redcliffe and non whatsoever in Ipswich which was dissapointing from NRL management who still need to work themseles out. But whoever gets it they will probably be called Brisbane Dolphins or Brisbane Jets and games will probably be at Lang Park, if anyone else has any thoughts go for it.
Thanks for your great tips and thoughts Thinker see you next year.

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Well its now official, the Dolphins are the 17th NRL team.

I would have also like to have seen the Ipswich JV get the license, more juniors playing league out there than in Brisbane and its a growth Corridor.

The Dolphins have said that the NRL side will drop Redcliffe from their name and will have a fan vote. Any suggestions?

Southeast Dolphins, Sunshine State Dolphins?

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Green Bay Packers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Moreton Bay Dolphins

This was always the safest bet - one of the richest sporting clubs in the country...of any code.

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Got my cap thinker thanks again its one i did not have will have it on for our first game 2022.
Cheers Rocket

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Great to hear Rocket....enjoy

All the best

The Thinker

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It was a Broncos cap, how could Rocket be happy?


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So the new franchise is just going to be called "Dophins"

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My bet is that they will still be called the Redcliffe Dolphins no matter what they officially call them selves.

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I think central qld should of got it

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It 's going to be a long off season ...

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Hey Thinker & Rocket
YeeHay my cap arrived yesterday due to some delays due to Bribie Island postal differences. Wore it out today on a trip to pick up our crab pots and scored 23 legal sand crabs, so it gave me good luck. Had to split them 3 ways but still enough for a good feed. Thanks Thinker will wear it again on the next trip. Like you Rocket I love it.

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