2022 tipping competition prizemoney

Greetings tipsters,

I've pinched the coins out of Craig Bellamy's swear jar and cobbled together a prize pool for 2022.

Prizes for our top three tipsters are as follows:

1st place - $150 cash

2nd place - $75 cash

3rd place - $50 cash

In the event of dead heats, prizemoney can be split. In the unlikely event that there are 20 or 30 tipsters on equal points, I will incorporate some sort of tie-breaking element for the grand final game to separate the winners from everyone else.

The Thinker and Wally Lewis are not eligible for prizes. All decisions about who wins and who didn't quite win rest with me. It's just a bit of fun, so we don't have to argue about things like a pair of Broncos arguing over new shoes.

The top three will also have their names etched on the NRL Tipping Competition Honour Board. Long after your prize money has been spent, your name will be there for all to see.

Thanks Thinker...what a top bloke he is etc etc


tigerholic's picture

Thank you Thinker

In all honesty, featuring on the honour board is the recognition that I'm sure that most of us are chasing.

Well done and thank you.


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I'd really like to getting involved in the site to share ideas and suggestions on winning teams

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Having gone through the contents, I personally think this site is more reliable. Thank you for the great work

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impressed 2021/2022
i like to be cosidered for 2023 competition

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