The A Game - three strikes competition

Here is the page for the competition run by our buddy 'a'.

Hopefully he will drop in and remind us of the rules, but from memory you have to pick one team each round (to win) and it's a race to ten successful picks. If you get a game wrong that's a strike, and if you get three strikes you are out of the competition.

And another twist. If you have tipped a team and they've won a game you aren't able to tip that team again. It sounds easy, but it isn't. That said, NuLiF3 showed us all how it's done by getting all the way to fifteen.

Final results after round nineteen

Sixteen points and two strikes (teams in brackets after your name cannot be selected again

  • Nik (Eels, Knights, Titans, Rabbitohs, Roosters, Broncos, Dragons, Sea Eagles, Cowboys, Tigers, Storm, Panthers, Bulldogs, Warriors, Sharks, Raiders)

Three strikes and out of the competition

Teraflare, Cossey Posse, TheScribbleKing, Nowlsy , Baggy-Gee, RIX AM I, Islander, Buzz105, The Tide Head,  Steel Panther, BigPeteBx, Catdog, Rob181, No Woman No Try, NuL1F3, Manyana, Bradapple, A, Mary S, Princess, The Butcher, Jennifer 2814, Walby, Bronco Legend, Scotty Seahawk, Rocket Ryan, Dragons-fanboy, Tigerholic, Hardyards, Gummy Sharks, MGM, Markate2021, Taka, Johnny Awesome

Congratulations to Nik. I'm gobsmacked that anyone was able to stay alive this deep into the season.



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Final round 18 results

Johnny awesome knights 15 points 2 strikes

Gummy sharks titans out of the comp

Nik sharks 15 points 2 strikes

Taka bulldogs out of the comp

Markate2021 bulldogs out of the comp

MGM Titans out of the comp

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round 19 update

Johnny awesome knights 15 points 2 strikes

Nik raiders 15 points 2 strikes

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Good luck this folks.

Well done in getting this far.


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Thanks Tigerholic for your kind regards. Also thanks Mr ‘a’ for the fun comp’. Mr Thinker and your comp’ keep us going. Also the best regards to all the others in the comp who participated. Good on ya all. Anyway Nik, you should get it with the Sydney City Roosters this week. No way, Newcastle will beat them or Canberra lose to the Warriors. So wise picks deserving of a win 👍. I’m going to the game on Saturday with a resident from the retirement village I work in as a maintenance officer. He’s doing it tough looking after his sick wife and I’ve got two permanent seats in the Gold inner bowl for all Raiders games for more than ten years now. So go the Raiders, a win is crucial for them. Mr Thinker, I’ll send you a snap from the Raiders game, the best part about my job in the retirement village is the rewards I get from making everyones life just a bit better where I can. Cheers and kind regards from the original Johnny Awesome 😎.

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Hi a
Thanks for a great comp. My first year in it, and not knowing what to expect, it certainly gets you thinking about tips. Look forward to going around again next year.


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You both deserve a gold coin for picking when the tiger's would win reckon that's worth anything

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Congratulations Nik on winning this comp

Johnny Awesome's picture

Good on ya Nik well played 👍😎
Cheers from Johnny Awesome

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Thanks Guys!
Love your comp a. Was very interesting this year and very competitive till the last round. Well done to all of you guys who took part. Also big Thank you to The Thinker for providing a the platform to run the comp. The funny part for me was the last 3 rounds as my strategy was calculated not to miss round 17, but despite the change I would've won it anyway as my last two teams Sharks and Riders won against the Storm in round 17 and 18. Unbelievable! Anyway, good luck to all of you next year and HATS OFF to all who were involved. Cheers, Nik

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Congratulations Nik on the win - very well done!!


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Well done Nik. Bit like survivor this game.

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Well done Nik

Thinker and "a", perhaps we could have an honour board for the "a" game as well?


a's picture

Yeah agreed tiger we should

Steel Panther's picture

Great effort Nik!!


Taka's picture

Congratulations Nik 👏

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Congratulations Nik on a fantastic display! It's not easy getting every single team right before getting out so for achieving that Nik well done mate! And well done to everyone involved! Until next season ;)


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