2024 tipping competition prize money

Greetings tipsters

I have checked behind all the cushions in The Lounge and asked Ms Thinker if I could have an increase on my allowance this year. Prizes for this season are as follows:

First place - $200 cash

Second place - $100 cash

Third place - $75 cash

Fourth place - $50 cash

Random prize for a tipster that sticks with the competition all season - $50 cash

Look at that...a prize for fourth. 

I will come up with some tiebreaking rules at the end of this season if we need them (and we probably will). I will also cobble together the occasional random extra comp and prizes throughout the year (perhaps some sort of State of Origin comp and another Finals comp).

As always, the final decisions on prizes rests with me...but you all seem like a well behaved bunch so I'm not expecting any arguments. And as always, Wally and I can't win prizes.

Good luck to you all.


Bronco Legend's picture

Hi Thinker,
Seriously you are tipping Roosters to beat my Broncs by 2 at home.
I'm tipping Broncs by at least 15 points, should be a good crowd attendance as well.
Sort of happy with my tipping atm as equal with the legend Footy Chick on 40 points.
Cheers mate.

The Thinker's picture

@Bronco Legend

It's more likely that you're right.

If I knew JWH wasn't playing before I wrote my preview I may have gone the other way.

Best of luck this weekend

The Thinker

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