My NSW State of Origin team for game one

  1. Tom Trbojevic
  2. Josh Addo-Carr
  3. Latrell Mitchell
  4. James Roberts
  5. Blake Ferguson
  6. James Maloney
  7. Nathan Cleary
  8. Jake Trbojevic
  9. Cameron McInnes
  10. Reagan Campbell-Gillard
  11. Tyson Frizell
  12. Boyd Cordner (c)
  13. Jack de Belin
  14. Damien Cook
  15. Aaron Woods
  16. Paul Vaughan
  17. David Klemmer

There you go football fans....feel free to throw your suggestions in the comments section.


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Who pick footy QLD vs NSW..???

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Here’s my NSW team

1 Josh Dugan
2 Tom Trbojevic
3 Akuila Uate
4 James Roberts
5 Euan Aitken
6 Adam Reynolds
7 James Maloney
8 David Klemmer
9 Mitch Rein
10 Jack de. Belin
11 Trent Merrin
12 Tyson Fritzell
13 Boyd Cornder c
14 Luke Lewis
15 Wade Graham if he stays fit
16 Cameron McIness
17 James Tedesco

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I dont think there is any chance of Damian Cook missing out lol.

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No offense a, but let's hope the selectors don't think the same as you! We are wanting to win this series. Don't agree with your no:s 1, 3,6,9( seriously!) 11, 14 (you have to be joking) & I'm on the fence with 15.
I am however liking The Thinkers team.

Tigerlilly 's picture

No offense a, but let's hope the selectors don't think the same as you! We are wanting to win this series. Don't agree with your no:s 1, 3,6,9( seriously!) 11, 14 (you have to be joking) & I'm on the fence with 15.
I am however liking The Thinkers team.

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Are you going to do a QLD team prediction to Thinker cause I like to see your QLD team

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Greetings a

I will post my QLD team on Thursday morning


I'll write a preview (and pick a winner) for the first Origin game. Should be done in the days before the game.

All the best

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"a", are you picking a team to get thumped by QLD? Lewis and Graham are coming back from injury and will not have enough time to get in the groove. Also they are part of the last few losing teams, We need to put a line through all the incumbents who haven't proven themselves up to the rigours of club football this seasons and promote youth who are killing it currently. Pick on form, drop on lack of form. Also no Uate, or Roberts, there are far better centers currently running around in the NRL especially on defense, Uate is still on my bad books from that kick at the end of the first half he let bounce straight into the chasing QLD'ers who scored on the stroke of half time to level the game up which we then lost. All he had to do was attack the ball and not allow it to bounce!!!!!

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That's a very capable and strong team for the Blues.
With all the QLD retirements maybe it just might be NSW's year.
C'mon you Blues it's about time you won one!

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Only forwards on the bench, none of them with any ability to play out of position. Would only take one back to retire hurt and NSW would be rats.

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I was trying to keep Josh Dugan out of the seventeen, but I take your point.

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For what it's worth (which ain't much) here's my Blues team for Game I.

1. T.Trbojevic
2. Addo-Carr
3. Mitchell
4. Aitken
5. Ferguson
6. Maloney
7. Cleary
8. Klemmer
9. Koroisau
10. Vaughan
11. Cordner (C)
12. Frizell
13. J.Trbojevic

14. Cook
15. Campbell-Gillard
16. T.Sims
17. de-Belin

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Panthers & Rabbitohs will have (x?) players involved in Origin I at the MCG, but instead of coming home to Sydney, will travel direct to Canberra, and Gold Coast respectively to back up on Friday night, just two days later, although probably won't reach their destinations til Thursday lunchtime. Chances are, without any recovery period or training sessions, these teams will be forced to rest their stars and forfeit advantage to the opposition. All that talk in the off season to improve origin scheduling didn't produce very much.

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+ it's a long weekend after Origin I, with a game being played on the Monday. Eye off the ball NRL for not canning these Friday games.

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This is (apparently) the leaked NSW seventeen (apparently):

James Tedesco, James Maloney, Dave Klemmer, Boyd Cordner (c), Tyson Frizell and Jake Trbojevic have survived from last year.

Nine debutants:

Jack de Belin, Tom Trbojevic, Josh Addo-Carr, James Roberts, Latrell Mitchell, Nathan Cleary, Reagan Campbell-Gillard, Damien Cook, Tyrone Peachey, Paul Vaughan and Angus Crichton.

If it's true you would have to assume Tedesco is fullback and Tommy Turbo plays on the wing. No McInnes, so just the one hooker with Peachey an option if Cook doesn't play for 80 minutes.

Again...this isn't confirmed. Could be utter rubbish.

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Would be surprised if deBelin was passed fit. I’m guessing was just picked to acknowledge his good form and to be honoured with selection at State level rather than overlook him based on injury.

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The problem with that leaked team is Roberts. Watched him at Suncorp, he was blowing after 24 minutes, down on his haunches, while forwards jogged to the scrum, noone warmed up with him or near him, he doesn't seem to be part of the team structure, and went down injured at the back end of the game. A BS (possible) inclusion.

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At least Roberts and Mitchell are on opposite sides of the field.

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Yes but Roberts couldn't defend a stationary telegraph post any way that would give me confidence in the Blues turning a corner this year. The basis of the team is gold for the future, but two players named that are injured is biting the thumb at supporters. De Belin has been great all year but surely (Shirley) we have a non-injured forward in just as good form.

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Regardless of actual selections, let's just applaud Fittler for giving Cronyism the boot. We've been waiting forever for teams to be picked on form.

I'd be even happier if origin selection became strictly Dally M based. eg Start at the top of the leader board after week 12 and fill positions as you work your way down. None plays out of position, and encumbancy only means you are still a shining star for your club.

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