The A Game - three strikes competition

Here is the page for the competition run by our buddy 'a'.

Hopefully he will drop in and remind us of the rules, but from memory you have to pick one team each round (to win) and it's a race to ten successful picks. If you get a game wrong that's a strike, and if you get three strikes you are out of the competition.

And another twist. If you have tipped a team and they've won a game you aren't able to tip that team again. It sounds easy, but it isn't.

To participate, just pick a team that you think will win in round two, and good luck.

The Prize

The greatest mind in rugby league will generously donate the prize for The A Game in 2023.

A prize of $50 is available to the tipster who can get to ten. If someone can get to ten without a single strike, I will increase the prize to $80. There can only be one winner, and if there happens to be more than one of you, we will add some sort of knockout element at that point to determine a winner.

Thanks Thinker. Gee, you're a good egg. Go shout yourself a beer after lunch today.

Note: for those of you overseas (more of you than most would think), that prize is in Australian dollars (or equivalent). We'll cross that currency bridge if/when we need to.

Results after the sixteenth leg

Fourteen points and two strikes after leg sixteen (note: teams in brackets after your name cannot be selected again)

· Mary S (Roosters, Bulldogs, Sea Eagles, Rabbitohs, Raiders, Sharks, Broncos, Cowboys, Panthers, Knights, Warriors, Titans, Eels, Storm)

Three strikes and out of the competition

Catdog, Catchmeifucan, Wrex Y, Princess, Dragons fanboy, Taka, Footy chick, BigPeteBx, Steel Panther, No Woman No Try, MGM, Bradapple, Rob181, Walby, Cossey Posse, Hardyards, Lillychino, Tide Head, Rocket Ryan, Markate2021, NuL1F3, Tigerholic and Gummy sharks, The Voyeur, A

Congratulations to Mary S, a worthy winner, and well done to The Voyeur and A, who pushed this contest a long way past ten.

Thanks to everyone for participating, and thanks to A for organising for another season.


a's picture

Fina round 17 results

a dolphins out of the comp

Mary S Storm 14 points 2 strikes

The vouyer dolphins out of the comp

Congratulations Mary S on the win

Gummy Sharks's picture

Well done Mary. Congrats.

The Thinker's picture

Congratulations Mary S

I will contact you directly to arrange your prize.

All the best

The Thinker

Palson Omah's picture

Match against Sharks and Dragons. Dragons will win.

Palson Omah's picture

First H1 Try From Sharks and Second H2 first try from Dragons

Dragons-fanboy's picture

A huge thank you to A for another amazing year of the a game comp! Congrats to Mary for getting it done well deserved in a year with plenty of upsets!


a's picture

Yes it was a year with lists of upsets

a's picture

I do wish I went my cowboys last weekend to give me a chance

Rob181's picture

A HUGE THANKS to a for running this compo again this year. Please - PLEASE can we have it again next year.

Congrats to Mary - what a win in a year of upsets...

Charis Gentle's picture

To the owner, Keep up the great work!

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